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The cell phone is the one device that everyone in the world carries with them. With over 90% of the world owning a mobile device, it is an extremely personal medium. Most people never leave home without their cell phone, and will check a text message within one hour of receiving it. The ability to use 160 characters to inform your customers about current specials, deals, events, appointments and alerts can drive people to your store or Website like never before.

How Does Mobile Marketing Work?

Mobile marketing / coupon campaigns typically begin with the brands creating a database of opt-in users. For example, a fast food restaurant might hang signage near the waiting lines. Customers can then send a text message to a short code (e.g., text SUBWAY to 12345) and immediately receive a text message that provides some value, such as a discount coupon, or entry into a sweepstakes of sorts.

Once a brand has built up its database of opt ins, they can then begin to send out their promotions, typically once or twice per week. The frequency of messaging depends on the nature of the brand, and the expiration date of the coupons.

A consumer may opt-out of any mobile-marketing campaign simply by replying “STOP” to the text message received. According to Anthony Wayne of the Text Message Blog, the opt-out rate for mobile coupons is only 3%.

Also attractive to consumers is the ease of use in joining an SMS program. There’s no form to fill out, no website to visit. All that’s needed is to use that little device that everyone has, their cell phone, and send a quick text message.

Once someone opts into your program, their cell phone becomes your billboard, as your brand and promotions are steadily displayed on their phone. Your business has just bought the most expensive advertising space; a direct touch-point to your market, enticing new and repeat customers with your promotions.

SMS is not for all businesses, but when it does apply, the response rates dwarf those of traditional advertising. No matter what size business you are, you can become a mobile marketer within hours and start using a shared short code. So what do you have to lose? Try it out and see what works

Why start an SMS program?

Response rates for Text (SMS) Marketing have been proven to consistently outperform all other marketing media, some rates as high as 70%.

People who subscribe to your SMS Marketing program do so because they like your product.

These subscribers are asking you to provide them with your promotions. They want you to give them reasons for buying your product.

Offers that are sent to your SMS Marketing program subscribers are delivered in a timely fashion. No more receiving email coupons that have expired.

SMS Marketing Benefits

Speed:   Text messages are received virtually immediately, making it the ideal solution for distributing information, whether that information is coupons for products, time-sensitive information, or anything else than can benefit a business through timely delivery.

Readability:  As 94% of all text messages are read, your marketing message will be seen by virtually all of the subscribers in your SMS program.

Qualified Recipients:  Since your subscribers have opted-in to receiving your offers and promotional messages, you know they have an active interest in your business, and your products.

Flexibility:   With text messages sent and received within minutes of starting your campaign, you can use mobile marketing for ad-hoc purposes, such as driving traffic to your store on slow nights (“Make a purchase within x hours, and receive a xx % discount!”), or clearing out overstock items before end of month. This is the new “Blue Light Special”!

Range of Use:  Mobile marketing can be used for a wide range of purposes: announcing new product, one-day specials, new store openings, special events…etc. Subscribers can be treated as an exclusive group for offers and information that only they have access to, increasing loyalty, purchases, and speed of communications.

What Can Mobile Marketing Be Used For

Mobile marketing can be used for almost all retail operations, with the primary objective being increasing customer traffic, patronage and REVENUE. SMS messaging is an unprecedented form of communication. No other channel in the history of marketing has the immediacy of SMS.

National brands such as Subway have embraced the use of mobile coupons. What they like best about their mobile programs is the fact that they can reach their audience when they’re most likely to purchase their product.

Subway, for example, sends their promotions just prior to lunchtime, when people are deciding what and where to eat. Receiving an enticing offer on one’s cell phone makes that decision an easy one!

Require Custom Solutions?

Real Estate Agents:  Add SMS marketing to your listed houses. When potential buyers request more information, you can add them to your marketing list and send property listings to them. Ask us how we can help you with marketing your real estate using text messaging.
Car Dealers: Text SMS Marketing’s Car Dealer program is designed to provide dealerships with more sales opportunities through the capture of buyers’ cell phone numbers. Mobile Car Dealers Id’s

Mobile Coupons: The mobile phone is quickly becoming the go-to medium for couponing, chipping away at the 300 billion paper coupons issued every year in the United States.

Custon Solution: We can integrate our SMS services directly into your systems, enabling your business to – Speed up communication to your customer base, Reduce labor time and cost now used on the phone, Use SMS for innovative internal process change. We can perform the integration, or we can provide our API’s or create new API’s. Harness the power of SMS with your own systems, simply and efficiently

Easy to Get Started

Most of our clients are capturing subscribers within days of signing up with our service, and are seeing results within the first month. Our entry level package of 500 messagesper month fits the needs of the majority of our clients. Our SMS Marketing services are provided on a month-to-month basis. NO long-term contract.

The Steps to Success

  1. Sign up to our service. Your software account will be active within 24 hours.
  2. Advertise your SMS Marketing program through in-store signage, website, in-store personnel.
  3. Start capturing subscribers to your program.
  4. Start sending out your offers and promotions to your subscribers.
  5. Watch your sales increase

It’s that easy ! You can use our Text SMS Mass Messaging Software to send any promotional text sms marketing message, such as sms coupons, reminders, product specials, new product announcements, and store events.

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