Dedicated Blasts


We offer the opportunity for our advertisers to engage in dedicated blasts to our email list or email publishers.


The lists can be segmented and targeted based on the offer. We have 300+ million emails in house and receive up to 750,000 live feeds per day. We also work with 3rd party lists that are very credible and proven.

We know that email only works if you do it right, and we keep a sharp eye on both compliance and best practices to maximize the performance of our mailings. We utilize CAN-SPAM compliant practices such as double opt-in (DOI) emails and frequently updated opt-out lists. We also maintain demographic and interests data for our lists so we can target recipients that are most likely to be interested in the emails we send them. And we always do smaller email tests to make sure the list responds positively to a new offer before sending to a larger list.

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