Why Email Marketing?


It simply is the most efficient method of marketing today:

  • The DMA puts email marketing’s ROI for 2011 at $40.56 for every $1 invested. The figure for 2012 is predicted to “fall” to $39.40, when email will account for $67.8 billion in sales
  • 72% of respondents to an Econsultancy survey in early 2011 described email’s ROI as excellent or good. Only organic SEO scored better
  • A 2011 MerchantCircle survey of over 8,000 local business owners in the US found email marketing cited by 35.8% as a Top 3 most effective marketing or advertising method. Only social network profiles and search engine marketing scored higher
  • A 2011 business survey by Ireland’s Marketing Institute saw 84% claiming email marketing was important or very important to their marketing strategy
  • In a 2011 Focus survey of marketers, the channel cited most often as the best performer over the previous 12 months was email
  • The ForeSee Results 2010 report on the effectiveness of social media found that promotional emails were the second biggest influence on retail website visits. The biggest influence was familiarity with the brand
  • In Datran Media’s 2010 Annual Marketing & Media Survey, 39.4% of industry executives said the advertising channel that performed strongest for them was email. This was the top result

The money is following the results…

  • When asked about their 2012 digital marketing budget priorities, only paid search was cited more often by retailers than email
  • A late 2011 survey of US small businesses found over a third using email to advertise or promote their business. Only Facebook was more popular
  • 51% of small businesses surveyed by Zoomerang in 2011 use email marketing. Only websites were a more popular digital marketing tool
  • 68% of small businesses surveyed in mid-2011 by Pitney Bowes listed email as their preferred marketing channel
  • eCircle surveyed European marketers and found the most popular online marketing channel was email
  • In a 2011 business survey by the Marketing Institute of Ireland, 88% of respondents said they expected their email marketing budget to increase or stay the same over the coming 12 months
  • A January 2011 survey by BtoB Magazine found 63% of respondents likely to increase spending on email in 2011 (second only to websites), with 29% keeping spend constant
  • The 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook Survey from the Society of Digital Agencies revealed that 70% of brand marketers planned to invest in email marketing in 2011. This was the joint highest result
  • Forrester’s late 2010 survey of US marketers found 88% of B2C firms and 71% of B2B organizations using email marketing
  • A DMA survey of US and Canadian marketers in late 2010 found email was the most widely used web-based direct marketing technique.
  • A late 2010 customer survey by Campaigner found 61% intending to do more email marketing in 2011, and 33% planning to continue at the same level.
  • A 2010 survey of 2,500 marketers by AWeber found 82% intending to increase their email marketing efforts over the next 12 months.
  • The 9th Annual Merchant Survey (2010) conducted by the e-tailing group asked merchants to say which initiatives they would be using to improve website performance. The top answer, cited by 79%, was “send more targeted email”.

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